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Comfort Keepers Elderly Health Care and Medication Safety and Management in Anchorage, AK

Learn more about the tips and tricks of elderly health care experts Comfort Keepers of Anchorage, AK regarding medication safety 

Many seniors take multiple prescription medications.  In fact, it’s common for our elderly loved ones to receive prescriptions from multiple doctors.  These factors make it difficult to keep track of the medications, and many seniors sometimes make costly mistakes.

Elderly health care professionals warn that missed or duplicated doses of medication can result in hospitalization, and possibly death. Even the sharpest and most independent seniors can make occasional mistakes.

To fight against this, Comfort Keepers elderly health care services assist your senior family member to manage their medications.  While our caregivers don’t actually dispense medication, they can help your loved one by reading prescription labels and by providing reminders to your loved one.

Medical Safety Products

Comfort Keepers elderly health care offers you various technologies to help ensure proper medication management.  Specifically, we make available several pill dispensing systems to help keep your loved one’s medication use as safe and accurate as can be.

Pill Dispenser- This medication management system is ideally suited for folks who have serious challenges managing their medication.  The Pill Dispenser is simple and easy to use. It organizes meds and dispenses them on a personalized schedule. It alerts your loved one that it’s medication time with a friendly voice or a text message. Also, it sends alerts of skipped doses!

Tab Safe- This upright pill cabinet is made up of four interchangeable cartridges holding either 16 or 32 doses.  It’s perfect for a senior who has multiple prescriptions to coordinate.  As-needed medications are dispensed with no risk of overdose.  Also, Tab Safe is loaded with phone numbers of family members to call when the client misses a dose of any med.

MedMinder- This cellular organizer locks to keep your loved one’s medications safe; it gives audio and visual reminders when it’s time to take a med.  The MedMinder holds a week’s worth of medication in 28 compartments.

As one can see, Comfort Keepers elderly health care offers all you need to help your senior family member carefully manage their medication to ensure safety and good health.

This shows our commitment to the quality of life of your senior loved one.  To further illustrate this, we initiate the care we provide with an in-home consultation.  That’s because Comfort Keepers understands that the best care, in all facets, is highly personalized.  We engage in interactive health care, starting with crafting and executing a uniquely-tailored care plan that works for your loved one and for your whole family.

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