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Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers Recommend Safety Products in Anchorage, AK

Learn how Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers Can Help Keep Your Loved One Safe in Anchorage, AK

Many seniors want to spend their golden years at home, where they can live independently and keep control over their own life. With Comfort Keepers home care providers your loved one will lead a healthy, happy and safe life. However, if you choose part-time care, making sure that your senior is safe when they are left alone can be a problem. This is why we recommend our SafetyChoice line of products, which ensures your loved one’s safety even when no one is around.

Our home care provider devices are discrete, easily installed and don’t disrupt our client’s everyday lives. These systems work together with our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). With our Safety Choice line of products you can leave your parent alone without constantly worrying about their well being and safety. These products also increase senior’s sense of independence.

 Door and Window sensors are one of the products we offer. They can be programmed to signal the Centralized Monitoring Station when a door or window is opened.  If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia which causes them to wander off, these devices are the thing you need. When the sensors are activated they send a signal to Station personnel which immediately contacts people on the designated responder list.

Falls can be very dangerous for seniors, so if your loved one is prone to losing their balance our home care providers recommend bedside pressure mats. They are activated when a pressure is applied. These mats then signal the Centralized Monitoring Station personnel. If your loved one lives alone or they tend to wander off due to their dementia, we suggest our infrared motion detectors. They are installed in the central part of the house and when activated will signal the Monitoring Station. Our personnel will contact your loved one to check that an intruder did not activate the alarm and call designated responders.

Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers of Anchorage, AK, also offer SafetyChoice smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. They will alert the Centralized Monitoring Station and help will be sent immediately. 

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