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Home Care Services Advice: Women’s Health Has Many Special Needs!

Aug 25, 2016 by Lulu Jensen

Home care services Must Include Women’s Health for Enhanced Wellness

When selecting home care services for your mother, it is imperative that women’s health care issues are understood and addressed in addition to daily needs and necessary supervision. Although your mom may be over 60, if she still has her ovaries, she is still prone to ovarian cancer. Many elderly women tend to stop having routine gynecological exams and avoid the detection of this diseases. However, ovarian cancer can be life-threatening for any woman at any age, and for older women, if left undetected, it can be more dangerous as they may need to undergo surgery such as a hysterectomy. Although at later stages of life, estrogen therapy is not as significant as it may be when younger, it will assist with the loss of hair and additional bone loss. However, estrogen therapy for some older women may make them feel ill and frail.

Osteoporosis makes bones weak as well as soft and brittle. Bone density testing as well as vitamins and nutrients to maintain health and wellness are important. Home care services providers should focus on supporting good nutritional training, physical skills and occupational skills to sustain balance. It may be necessary to include dietary supplements to help preserve her bones as well exercise for strengthening.

It is not unusual that senior women may experience depression. Although medication is often used to control moods and temperaments, others symptoms could develop and complicate your mother’s health. However, home care services providers are capable of accessing your mom’s needs and with the support and coordination of  activities, music, and humor, may relieve some of the depressive experiences that senior women often experience.

Assessing depression and other medical conditions more common in elderly women may help prevent other illnesses, and home care services providers are astute to their needs.

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