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In Home Care Tips: Water Exercises For Older Adults

Aug 18, 2016 by Lulu Jensen

Water exercises are an excellent, low-impact way for elderly adults to engage in the regular physical activity they need to maintain their health. They promote strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health while reducing the risk of joint injury or muscle damage. In home care professionals recommend the following exciting water exercises for senior citizens:


The most obvious form of water exercise is swimming. Swimming is a full-body workout that can benefit an elder’s lung function, cardiovascular health, muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. In home care professionals explain that seniors can take a swimming class designed specifically for aging adults and burn up to 500 calories in an hour.

Strength Training

Also known as resistance training, strength training is a must for senior citizens. It is a great way for older adults to strengthen their muscles, minimize their risk of falls, and improve their ability to perform everyday activities. Strength training in the water involves the use of bands, weights, or other equipment to target the muscles. In home care aides note that the water itself also provides an optimal resistance when elders move.

Water Aerobics

Perhaps one of the most appealing water exercise for aging adults is water aerobics. Water aerobics provides elders with significant lung and heart health benefits while helping them lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It has also been proven to relieve stress and boost a senior’s mood. An in home care assistant can assist an elderly adult in finding a water aerobics class at a local gym or community center.

Ai Chi

Ai chi is a form of aquatic therapy that uses resistance training and breathing techniques in the water to strengthen and relax the body and mind. It is similar to tai chi, which is typically performed on land. Ai chi classes can also be found at a nearby gym or community center.

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