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Home Health Agencies Warn: More Seniors Today Are Feeling Anxiety From Longevity Issues

Aug 11, 2016 by Lulu Jensen

Your Mom and Dad May Need the Support of Home Health Agencies to Relieve Stress

You may think life should be golden for your elderly parents. They have lived a long, productive life and this is supposed to be their time to enjoy retirement and relaxation. However, studies and experts from home health agencies report that although it was once assumed that anxiety diminished with age, the opposite is now believed to be true. As seniors are living longer, other complications may arise.

Experts at Home health agencies across the country note that many seniors may have retired too soon, therefore, limiting their monthly social security and/or pension check that covers their expenses throughout their lifetime. The years they thought they would live are now doubling and yet their money is not. Now your parent may be concerned that they will outlive their money and will not be able to pay their expenses. This is just one reason for anxiety.

Anxiety may overtake some seniors as their loved ones, family members and friends move away or pass on, leaving them to live alone. Seniors often tell their children they want to be independent, and they wish their family well. However, when their adult children don’t call or come to visit as often as they would like, a dark form of anxiety can overtake them along with a sense of loneliness.

Your parent is not alone. Home health agencies work with senior citizens every day so they can better understand generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Health caregivers also suggest that stress may be caused due to illness or an accident, as your mom or dad may worry if they will ever recover. With the help of home care agencies, these compassionate individuals will work with your parent to get them the support they need and guide them to treatment to enhance their life.

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