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Seniors Cruising Towards Vacation

Jun 2, 2017 by Lulu Jensen

With the approaching summer comes a rise in vacations. Finding the best vacation spot for seniors can be a challenging task, but there are many cruise options that are available for seniors. Popular cruise lines such as Carnival, Princess, and Royal Caribbean, have cruise liners that are geared specifically for seniors. These liners only allow seniors to travel on them and is a perfect vacation idea for your loved one.

Before your loved one books a cruise have them discuss traveling with their health care provider. There may be some limitations to your loved one’s traveling abilities, and if they are going out of the country they may need to be updated on vaccinations.

Benefits of Cruises

  • Value
    Seniors typically don’t have a lot of money to spend on vacations, but cruises give them the opportunity to travel at a value. Cruise prices include accommodations, food, entertainment, and transportation all at one low price.
  • Multiple Destinations
    Cruises vary from length to destination. Many cruises stop at a multiple destinations along their excursion, whether they are European, American, or Caribbean based cruises—so it is like multiple vacations in one.
  • Optimal Variety
    There are many things to do when on a cruise. From relaxing to dancing to participating in scheduled classes. Senior cruise lines have senior friendly activities that your loved one can enjoy while vacationing.
  • Menu Options
    When traveling on a cruise liner there are many food options; from sushi bars to buffets. Your loved one will definitely be able to find something to eat that they will enjoy and that will follow their diet.

Vacation Preparation Help

Comfort Keepers® in Anchorage can help prepare your loved one for a vacation. From helping your aging loved one determine destinations, activities, and food options they might enjoy to assisting them with packing as they prepare to depart, our caregivers are there to help your loved one live an independent life.

To learn more about how our compassionate, professional caregivers can help your loved one prepare for a vacation—or to learn more about our other in-home care services, call us at (9007) 885-0186 or click here. 

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