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Keeping the Mind Healthy and Engaged

Dec 29, 2016 by Lulu Jensen

Help Your Loved Ones Keep Their Minds Healthy and Engaged

Choosing to give the brain a boost is one of the healthiest choices seniors can make. The brain, while serving as the organ in our bodies that helps facilitate every thought and action we make, also needs care and attention. And just like the other organs in our bodies, the brain feeds off of proper nutrition and the healthy choices we make on a daily basis.

For your loved ones, keeping the brain healthy can help mitigate natural effects of aging - such as forgetfulness and lapses in memory - and can even help prevent certain conditions from developing. Have your loved ones take a look at the tips below, as they may be just what they need to continue staying sharp late into life!

Brain Health Tips For Your Loved Ones

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid excessive drinking
  • Maintain a healthy diet*
  • Establish a regular exercise routine*
  • Learn new skills regularly and engage in puzzles, crosswords, or other activities that stimulate the mind
  • Stay social and connect with new people
  • Maintain a positive mindset
*Remember to talk with your dietician and/or doctor/physician before changing any part of your diet, or before beginning any kind of exercise routine.

If your loved ones' brains need a bit of a boost, have them follow the tips above. It may just be what they need. You may be asking, what if I'm not there to help make sure my loved ones have what they need to keep their minds healthy and engaged? Well, there's a solution closer than you might think.

Is It Time for In-Home Care?

We know how difficult it can be when you're not able to be there for your loved ones as they age. Sometimes, you just need a helping hand to help preserve their healthy and independent lifestyle. That's where we come in.

Comfort Keepers® provides a wide array of in-home care services, from assistance with routine tasks to personal care. Our trained caregivers work to provide care that is both meaningful and comprehensive - and tailored to your loved ones' specific needs.

Whether your loved ones need assistance around the clock or just for a few hours during the week, we can be there to help. For more information about how Comfort Keepers can make a difference in your loved ones' lives, give us a call today at (907) 885-0186 or contact us directly by clicking here.


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