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Geriatric Care Aides Discuss Free Activities for Seniors

Sep 29, 2016 by Lulu Jensen

Senior citizens live on a fixed budget. Therefore, they don’t always have the disposable income to spend on entertainment activities. Fortunately, elders can enjoy the later years of their life without dishing out a whole lot of money. Geriatric care professionals encourage aging adults to take advantage of the following free activities:

Daytime Concerts

On nice summer days, many communities offer daytime concerts that are free of charge to the public. Most of the time, these concerts are located in parks or appealing locations with plenty of pedestrians. Seniors could pack a lunch and head on over to one of these concerts with friends or family members to enjoy some fresh air and lovely music. A geriatric care professional can assist your senior in finding a free nearby daytime concert.

Library Lectures

One of the greatest resources for older adults is the public library. In addition to providing elders with a comprehensive collection of books, magazines, and video materials, libraries host lectures by inspiring authors or motivational speakers. The library also offers free internet connection so that seniors can leisurely surf the web on a rainy day.

Volunteer Events

Volunteering is a wonderful way for aging adults to entertain themselves while giving back to the community. Whether it’s walking dogs at a local animal shelter or reading books to underprivileged children, every senior is bound to find a volunteer activity that suits his or her interests and personal preferences. Geriatric care aides can educate your senior loved one on all of the local volunteer activities available.

Book Clubs

Senior citizens who love to get lost in a good book, expand their vocabulary, and boost their brain power should definitely consider a book club. Book clubs are held at libraries, local colleges and universities, community centers, and bookstores.

For more information about these free activities, talk with your at home care specialist today.  

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