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Legal Considerations for Homecare Assistance in Alaska

Here are the documents your loved one in Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, the Mat-Su Valley & Surrounding Areas should prepare as soon as possible.

If your parent has only recently undergone a medical event or has begun losing some of the physical or mental abilities they once had, you may be considering how best to prepare for any and all emergencies. Making sure your loved one's legal affairs are in order is a good start, according to homecare assistance professionals. One of the first things you may want to start with is to make sure your loved one has a valid will. A legal will can prevent many headaches and arguments in the family. It is important that your loved one make their wishes known in terms of which property should go to whom.

When it comes to medical emergencies and important decisions, it is critical that your loved one designates a health care proxy. This person will be tasked with making important medical decisions on behalf of your parent if they are otherwise unable to do so. This can be anyone, not just their close relatives or children. Whoever your parent ends up choosing, they must be able to make the right decision for your loved one. Homecare assistance professionals also suggest that your family prepare a medical directive outlining your loved one's wishes in the event that they need life support, a feeding tube, or intravenous fluids to survive.

A helpful tip when it comes to documentation is to have all of your loved one's documents in one place. This includes their birth certificate, social security records, health and life insurance information, including policy numbers, names and addresses of primary care physician and medical specialists as well as medical history, special arrangements made for health care, including advance directives, funeral prearrangements, Medicare documents, trust documents, will, sources of income and assets, bank statements and safe deposit box locations, mortgage papers, investment records, negotiable securities, credit card information, most recent income tax return, loan papers, military discharge papers, marriage license, and divorce papers.


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