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Senior Care & Senior Safety In Anchorage, AK

Comfort Keepers offers senior care emphasizing senior safety in Anchorage, AK.

If you are worried about the safety of your senior loved one, consider working with an in home caregiver who can reduce hazards and provide mobility assistance throughout a residence.  Often times, family members schedule an interview with Comfort Keepers so we can provide an in home evaluation that allows us to point out potential hazards.  In addition, one key to preventing accidental situations is based around providing high-quality nutrition that improves a senior's strength.  Our team of caregivers also make sure that our clients receive the medical attention they need by bringing them to doctor appointments at any time.

Before anything else, Comfort Keepers focuses on reducing hazards and are able to point them out in an in home consultation when discussing senior care.  Since prevention of accidents is our main goal, we encourage safety throughout the entire house.  We realize that removing clutter and making sure our clients have a safe path throughout their house is extremely important.  In many cases, we encourage family members to install railings throughout hallways, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen in order to provide our clients with increased stability.

Our team of caregivers are able to provide mobility assistance around a house and throughout the community with our senior care.  Whenever moving around the house, we are with our clients and make sure that they have the assistance they need when tending to various activities.  In the greater majority of cases, seniors who fall are by themselves and don't have anyone they can depend on.  If you are worried about your senior loved one moving around their house or around the community alone, working with a caregiver who can provide mobility assistance is a great way to remedy this problem.

Our senior care focuses on improving the strength of our clients by offering meal preparation and serving delicious, nutritious meals.  In many cases, seniors who are left alone often end up eating processed food or not eating at all.  In either case, malnutrition has the potential to set in and reduce strength levels.  Our team of caregivers are trained to provide meal preparation that focuses on creating nutritious, home cooked food.  Often times, family members find that working with Comfort Keepers improves the health of their loved one.

In order to ensure a senior’s safety, it is important to attend doctor appointments on a regular basis.   With the senior care that Comfort Keepers provides, we offer transportation around the community and are able to take our clients to doctor appointments at any time. This transportation service takes a great weight off the shoulders of family members who would otherwise have to perform these transportation responsibilities.

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205 E Benson Blvd #101, Anchorage, AK 99503

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